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Portfolio Fusion Magazine

Launched in the year 2010 with the first "Test Issue" released to press in August 2010.

Founder and Editor in Chief, Ruth Omanya launched the magazine with the main aim to celebrate the works of individuals in the arts and entertainment. [ Story behind the Magaine: " I got tired of the scouting agencies that rejected my "Portfolio" and pushed me to photograph with their photographers. Yet, even after investing through them, they still never got my Portfolio in front of the right people in the modeling industry" - Ruth Omanya ]


Portfolio Fusion Magazine is a digitally distributed magazine with print on demand to  worldwide subscribers.


The magazine's relaunched in 2016 with focus on fresh layout and ground breaking content to empower and inspire it's worldwide loyal readers as it continues to celebrate the works in the Arts. The Magazine's distribution and delivery has expanded to multiple major newsstands since the relaunch.