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"I feel like a pioneer in a new quest for the renaissance of Italian cuisine," says Chef Gianfranco. "There are great chefs in Italy still striving to break out of the box and to bring new trends into our cuisine, but they have chosen to stay in Italy. I left and travelled the world to gather and understand the differences and similarities. It is time for a radical change,"


"When I'm setting up, people often don't under-stand what I'm doing or what I see. When they view the finished imagery, it is as if they've never before seen themselves, or whatever my subject may be in that way before. Then they smile. They see something that can only be communicated visually. They see what I see; I've influenced the way they look at the world."

Says photographer MARK ROBERT HALPER | READ MORE |

"I love the excitement that goes into fine tuning details and the challenges of making it all come together on the day of the event."

Says event planner, MELISSA PHILLIPS | READ MORE |


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